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Traditions Just for Kids

Traditions for Kids

Browse fun, unique and inspiring traditions
that are great for kids.

A Piece of Her Favorite Things
My 7-year old daughter has a hard time giving up her favorite clothes when they no longer fit her. To help her more easily part with these items, I cut off squares of material from the old garments and sew them...
Mommy Time
As a working mom with two small children, I came up with the idea of "Mommy Time". After I pick up the children from daycare, I put together a small snack plate (usually carrots and celery or cheese and crackers)...
My Own Precious Ringtone
My friend Kari recorded her dog barking for her cell phone ringtone. I thought it was a pretty cool idea to have your own custom ring. If I was in a public place I never used to be able to tell if it...
Back to School Shopping with Grandma
My kids always look forward to their annual school shopping trip with Grandma. My mother gives each of the grandchildren a set amount of money and then takes them to the mall so they can buy a new outfit (or two)...
First Day of School Breakfast Tradition
We started a family tradition a few years ago that we go out to breakfast on the first day of school and then I drop the kids off at school rather than making them take the bus. Even though everyone has to...
Magical Coins from the Tooth Fairy
When the tooth fairy comes to our house, she only "pays" for the teeth using magical money. That means our children always receive their payment in silver dollars. It makes the tooth fairy idea even more...
Sugared Cereal Traditions
When I was a little girl, my Mom would never let me have sugared cereal. We had a fully stocked cupboard of "healthy" breakfast foods instead, except on my birthday. That week, she would let me choose my favorite...
The Reading Den Tradition
My kids love books. They particularly love to have my husband or me read to them, but we had a difficult time getting both of them to take an interest in reading themselves. In order to encourage them to take...
Saturday Crafternoon
Almost every Saturday my neighbor and I take turns hosting Crafternoon for our kids. We pick a kid-friendly craft project that we can all do together. We've decorated flower pots, made Christmas ornaments from...
Swimming Pool for the Frogs
On the first day of summer, we (my boys & I) set up "swimming pools" for the frogs (really they're toads, but we call them frogs) in our front & back yards. They are just cake pans with water and a...
Charlie Brown Supper
We celebrate the beginning of fall with a Charlie Brown Supper! On the first day of fall, we eat what Charlie Brown and his friends eat on "A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving." We have popcorn, toast and pretzels. We...
Our Springtime Garden Traditions
The coming of spring brings several traditions that our family loves. On the first day of spring, we head out to a local nursery and stock up on plants and flowers to set out in the yard. It's fun to...
First Day of School Photos
Every year on the first day of school we take a photo of the kids all decked out with their new clothes and their backpacks on. They pose in the same place every year on our front porch so we can see how they...
Dinner and Fireworks Back to School Tradition
We have a big "Back to School Celebration" on the night before the kids go back to school. We go out to dinner at our favorite local diner. When we get home we light off some fireworks to celebrate and then cap...
Back to School Tradition (with Chocolate Chips)
Since my first child started kindergarten I have always taken the day off from work so I can make the day more special. We start the day with a big homemade breakfast, I take the kids photos and both my husband...
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