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Top > Traditions Among Friends

Traditions Among Friends

Traditions among Friends

Browse fun, unique and inspiring traditions
to celebrate with your friends.

Postcards Among Friends
My three best friends and I started a fun and easy tradition a few years ago to keep in touch and to occasionally brighten one another's day. It all started when we met for a weekend getaway. We were all...
Race for the Cure Tradition
Every year my three best friends and I design a team t-shirt and participate in the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure. The day is a great way for us to celebrate our friend Cindy beating breast cancer...
No Chores Day
Approximately once a month my best friend and I get together for a day of fun. No kids, no chores, no cleaning! We meet for coffee in the morning then head out to do whatever our hearts desire. We've done a...
Birthday Club
My three closest friends and I don't spend nearly as much time together as we would like. With jobs, kids and busy husbands are schedules are often filled up. Rarely do we all four get to see each...
Must-Watch Summertime Movies
Every year at the beginning of summer my best friend and I get together for a summer kick-off. We each bring a bottle of nail polish and a bottle of wine. We paint our toenails (to get ready for sandal...
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