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About Us

It all started when I read an article in a magazine about creating tradition in your life. The article talked about how traditions create special moments and reinforce lasting memories. Soon after I read the article, I mentioned it to my Sister. As a new mom, she was intrigued. Not only did we discuss the article at length, but we spent hours recollecting many of the traditions we celebrated in our family. It didn’t take long for me to realize how many of those traditions had become some of my most cherished childhood memories. The living room picnics, the bunny tracks at Easter, and many more.

Months later I found myself thinking about traditions again. This time I was planning my annual Fall Soup Party. It was a tradition that I celebrated with many of my closest friends. Each October for the last five years we have all gotten together at my house for a wonderful fall-themed dinner party featuring yummy soups and hearty conversation.

It was the Fall Soup Party that made me realize that traditions aren’t only celebrated among families, but also among friends, couples, co-workers and more. In my case, there was the Fall Soup Party, the Annual Fait Croquet Party, Breakfast Club, Christmas cookie exchanges and more. It was then that I decided to start a list of some of my favorite traditions.

My new traditions list prompted several conversations about traditions among my friends and family. I loved hearing their stories, but after some time I could only remember a few of the traditions. That’s when I decided I needed to capture all the ideas in a more permanent manner. I made it my mission. I didn’t want to forget any of the traditions, and so I decided to formalize the capture of the ideas on a web site.

I wanted to create a web depository for traditions, a place where traditions could be cataloged and shared freely. In my experience, sharing traditions and memories was half the fun and the web provided me with the perfect medium!

To get my project started, I took a couple of friends out for coffee and picked their brains about their favorite traditions. Then I expanded my search. I asked neighbors, co-workers, cousins and friends of friends to share their stories. I e-mailed more people about their traditions. I even received e-mails from strangers that found out about the project. After many months, I compiled a fantastic list of traditions. What a treasure! I had so much fun talking to all the people and learning more about their favorite traditions.

Because my early conversations took place over coffee, I thought a perfect name for the new site would be Café Traditions. Not only does it tie into my initial coffeehouse chats, but it also represents an atmosphere where people can sit back, relax and enjoy a cup of coffee while they talk among friends. That is my hope for the website too. I want all visitors to feel comfortable sharing their stories and reading others in a comfortable, relaxing and friendly environment.

So sit back, relax and enjoy your visit to Café Traditions. I invite you to read through the traditions, pick one or pick several that you want to introduce into your life. Feel free to submit a tradition of your own. But most importantly, celebrate tradition in your life!

Happy Celebrating,
Colleen Carmona
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