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Top > Holiday Traditions > Christmas Traditions > You Have Been Elfed!
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You Have Been Elfed!

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A couple weeks before Christmas, all my neighbors play a game called "You Have Been Elfed!" Someone starts by dropping off the rhyme (see below), a picture of an elf on a sheet of paper and treats at two houses without being caught. Then those two neighbors continue the fun by doing the same to two more neighbors. Everyone that gets "Elfed" is supposed to post the elf on their door or in their window so they don’t get "Elfed" twice. The idea is to pass the holiday cheer along to as many people as possible by Christmas. It’s a fun and easy way to celebrate the holidays with your neighbors.

We've designed an easy-to-use "You've Been Elfed!" Kit for you to use. Get a free printable ELF poem and ELF sign. Click here.

You have been Elfed!

Santa’s little helper has come to town,
To leave these goodies you have found.
If you wish to have the best season of all
You must help this "Elf" with his call.

First, post this Elf where it can be seen
And leave it there till Christmas Eve.
Then other visiting Elves will pass on their way.
Be sure to participate, it will bring joy to your day.

Second, make two treats,
Two Elves, and
Two notes like this.

Just one day, is all you’ve got
So go ahead and give it a shot.

Leave the treats where they Elf has not gone
By the light of the moon, deliver to their home.

Hide behind a bush, a car even a tree
The surprise & joy on their face you are sure to see.

Now you've been blessed with yuletide cheer.
You’ll feel it throughout the New Year.

Alas another Christmas Tradition is sure to have begun.
Thanks for sharing in this Christmas fun.

And last but not least, enjoy the season.
For all of the right reasons.

Happy Holidays!

~Cindy P., Sun Prairie, WI

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Tradition Comments

Noemi Herrero says:

I am a third grade teacher. I would love to do the related traditions with my coworkers. Thank you in advance for sharing.

10/21/2008 07:38 AM
colista says:

I did this last year and EVERYBODY loved it !

11/06/2008 04:18 PM
Sarah says:

This looks so cool. I'm going to start it in our neighborhood.

11/09/2010 02:44 PM
Misty Ehret says:

I got Elf'd this cute! and what a pleasant surprise to wake up to.

12/06/2010 11:31 AM
Adgie says:

ha ha ha!!!

12/06/2010 07:15 PM
Lee Lee says:

We play this at work...... Along with Boo...Love it

11/25/2011 08:20 AM
Anna says:

We got Elfed last night it is so cool I am going to Elf 2 people tonight well the kids are lol

12/14/2011 08:48 AM
cocoo says:


12/16/2011 06:48 PM
Alyssa says:

I'm thinking to do this to my cousins. I really want to to come up with some cute unique ideas to put in their baskets. I thought of snowman soup, reindeer food, santa's cookies, but i want more. Can anybody lend some help?

12/17/2011 10:04 PM
tammie says:

We live in Augusta,Michigan and someone "elfed" my parents last night. This was an awesome surprise to brighten their holidays. The whole family is involved now helping to plan the goodie bags and we delivered them to unsuspecting neighbors this afternoon. Too much fun. Great idea!

12/16/2012 03:15 PM
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