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Top > Holiday Traditions > Valentine's Day Traditions

Valentine's Day Traditions

Valentine's Day Header

Get wonderful ideas for Valentine's Day traditions to
celebrate with your loved ones and friends.

Lipstick I Love Yous
Before Valentine's Day I buy a cheap tube of red lipstick then the night before V-Day when everyone goes to bed, I write big "I love you" messages on every mirror in our house. When everyone wakes up on...
14 Days of I Love You's
To make Valentine's Day extra special I start early. I print out 14 sheets of paper with "I Love You Because..." written at the top. Then beginning on February 1st, I present one each day to my husband. Some...
Exchanging Family Valentine's
My kids always enjoy exchanging Valentine's at school so I decided that we should exchange Valentine's as a family too! Who better to tell you love and care about them then your own family. The only twist...
Heart-Shaped Pizza
My favorite food is pizza, particularly my husband's homemade pizza, so our Valentine's Day tradition is make our own heart-shaped pizza. We hand-shape the dough into a heart-shape and load on all the delicious...
A Valentine from Dad
Every Valentine’s Day when I was growing up my Dad used to buy my Mom a large box of chocolates and a dozen roses. He would also present each of us children with a small box of chocolates. This was extra special...
A Valentine's Day Cocktail Party
It all started when I was about 24 years old and single. I used to have all my single friends over for a cocktail party on Valentine's Day night. The theme was wine and chocolate. Now that I've been...
A Valentine's Day Teddy
It's a tradition that I get a teddy bear for Valentine's Day every year from my husband. While that might not sound funny, it actually started as a misunderstanding. Back when we were first married...
Homemade Valentine's for My Sweetheart
My husband I have been together for many years. When we first met we didn't have much money so we started a Valentine's Day tradition that has lasted over 15 years. We each make a homemade Valentine for...
Hidden Valentine's Day Messages
I'm a bit of a romantic, so Valentine's Day is a perfect time for me. I find all sorts of ways to let my husband know that I love him. I wake up extra early so I can scatter love notes throughout the house...
Romantic Coupons for Valentine's Day
I have a hard time finding gifts for my husband for Christmas, birthday or anniversary, but an even harder time on Valentine's Day. I feel like the gift should be something on the more romantic side and...
Cookies Made with Love
My entire family spends Valentine's Day evening making and decorating heart-shaped sugar cookies. When my kids were small, my husband or I would bake the cookies and they would decorate them...
Sweet Dreams for Valentine's Day
I know many families get new pajamas at Christmas time, but in our house, everyone gets new PJs on Valentine's Day. I shop for cute red and/or pink pajamas with lots of hearts on them for my three little...
The Book of Love
When my boyfriend and I started dating, I thought it would be especially romantic to place an ad in the "Book of Love", a newspaper supplement to the Isthmus Newspaper in Madison, WI that contains sweet...
A Trail of Hearts
My children are 3 and 6 and every year since they were old enough to walk, I've put a trail of hearts (red for Henry and pink for Emma) leading from their bedside to their Valentine's Day gift. I pick a new...
Wake up to Flowers
My husband buys me a dozen rose every Valentine's Day. A few years ago our oldest daughter wondered if she would ever get flowers for Valentine's Day. So the next year I surprised both my daughters with a...
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