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More Special Occasions

Traditions for Special Occasions

Make a special occasion even better with
unique, fun and inspiring traditions ideas.

Oh The Places You'll Go
Upon graduating college in our family it has been a tradition for our parents to each give of us the book "Oh the Places You'll go" by Doctor Seuss. It's fun because the story obviously takes you from...
Our Anniversary Tradition
My husband and I have been married for four years. Every year on our wedding anniversary we celebrate by taking the day off from work (if it falls during the week). We spend the day together doing things...
Earth Day Cleanup
Every year my neighborhood organizes a clean-up day on the Saturday following Earth Day. It's also the perfect opportunity to pick up all the trash that accumulated under the mounds of winter snow. It's also a...
Sweet Corn Wednesday
We always look forward to the sweet corn season in Ohio. There's a farmer's market in our area every Wednesday and once the sweet corn is ready, our Summer Sweet Corn tradition begins. Every Wednesday while...
The Tooth Fairy Pillow
When I was in first grade my first tooth became loose. My Mom made me a miniature yellow pillow with a tiny pocket on the front to hold my tooth safe for the tooth fairy. The pillow had beautiful white lace...
The Neighborhood Welcoming Committee
We have a pretty tight-knit neighborhood. Many of us have been in our homes for 10+ years and know each other very well. A few years ago, a new family moved next door to my house so I wanted to let them...
The Money Tree
I have a fun housewarming gift that I love to give. You might say it’s become a tradition of mine. I look forward to friends buying new houses so I can present them with the unique gift. I purchase a bush...
My Pumpkin Collection
I always look forward to fall. I love the colors and really enjoy decorating my house for the season. I started a tradition several years ago to tie in with my fall decorating. Every year I add one...
Make a Day of It
To celebrate "back to school" time at our house each of our three children get to pick one day in mid-August to "Make a Day of It." On that day, I spend a special day with the child. We go out for a nice...
Picnic on the First Day of Spring
When I was little we always had a picnic on the first day of Spring. However, living in northern Wisconsin that didn't always mean that our picnics were outside. My Mom would pack up sandwiches...
Seeing the First Robin Means Spring is Here
In our family it's always a treat to see the first robin of spring. Everyone keeps a close eye as the snow starts to melt and the air starts to warm for the telltale sign that spring is here again. We even have...
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