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Just Because

Traditions Just Because

My Morning Appointment
A simple tradition my husband and I started when my daughter was born about a year ago provides me with a little quiet time before the start of a hectic day. My husband is sweet enough to give me one full...
Must-Watch Summertime Movies
Every year at the beginning of summer my best friend and I get together for a summer kick-off. We each bring a bottle of nail polish and a bottle of wine. We paint our toenails (to get ready for sandal...
Enjoy a Bottle of Wine on Me
A few years ago I met several old friends at a restaurant. We ate, laughed, shared stories and had a wonderful time. After a couple of hours we started to wrap up the night when the waiter stopped by with ...
Red Toes and Pampering
When I was young it was always a treat to stay at my Aunt Betty’s house. She didn’t have children of her own, so she always made sure that I was extra-spoiled. We had so much fun together. One of the most...
My Summer Reading Tradition
I have a summer tradition that I've observed since I was 13 years old (I'm now 28.) Since I'm an avid book reader, I've made it a tradition to read one book per week during June, July and August. The tradition...
My Lucky Pennies
I’ve been picking up lucky pennies for as long as I can remember. Of course, I don’t pass by a nickel, dime, quarter or bill without stopping to pick it up either. I learned the lucky penny rhyme at a...
My Farmer's Market Tradition
I can't wait for the weather to turn nice so I can visit our local farmer's market. We have a huge farmer's market situated around our state capitol in Madison, Wisconsin. It's one of my favorite things...
Beach Trip Traditions
Every summer, we spend a few days at the beach. We have certain things that MUST be done on each trip. First, everyone gets new flip-flops. We must have one meal at a Whataburger and we must have...
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