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Top > Traditions Among Friends

Traditions Among Friends

Traditions among Friends

Browse fun, unique and inspiring traditions
to celebrate with your friends.

Easy Autumn Entertaining; A Casual Dinner with Friends
Gathering friends together around the dinner table becomes a Friday night tradition. As I greeted my friends, each bearing a gift from their own kitchens, I was reminded of the signs of fall...
Making Memories from Wine
John and I started collecting wine corks so we could make a corkboard for our kitchen. I would put them aside when we would open up a bottle of wine. Then on the day that John proposed, we opened up...
Girls Getaway Tradition
Last spring, four friends and I made our first visit to Magnolia Ridge Hideaway, a beautiful crafter’s retreat in Wisconsin Dells. We brought along our scrapbooking and stamping so we could...
Why Shop When You Can Swap Party
Invite a bunch of your good friends over and let them know to bring as many handbags, pieces of costume jewelry, belts, and scarves as they would like to swap. They should bring only items that are clean, in good...
The Battle of the Superbowl Commercials
Like a lot of folks, we have a big old Superbowl party at our house comprised of neighbors, friends and family. We have plenty of food, TVs in every room and lots of laughs. To make things interesting for...
SuperBowl Cook Off
We have a fun SuperBowl tradition that we celebrate with a big group of our friends. Every year we have a cook-off! We gather at one of our homes and we each bring our best version of the specified dish...
The Legend of the Traveling Griddle
It seems that everyone is always so busy that it’s often hard to find a time to get together with friends so a couple of my friends made a standing date for the 3rd Sunday morning of each month to start...
Fall Soup Party
Every year we host a Fall Soup Party for our closest friends. We schedule the party for mid-October when the weather starts to get brisk. I decorate the house with pumpkins and hay bales and my husband and I...
Restaurant ABC's
My friends and I got stuck in a restaurant rut. We always ate at the same five to ten places. Eventually, we decided we needed to expand our restaurant horizons and try new places so we started a new...
Backyard Movie Theatre
About five years ago my husband invested in a movie screen and projector that we can set up in our backyard. A couple times each summer we schedule movie screenings for our neighborhood. I pop several buckets...
Customize Your Bags
My friends have quite a competition going at the game of backyard bean bags. At our summer parties, we all get together for a big battle. It’s a great game for adults and kids alike. John and Tom...
The Progressive Dinner Party
Twelve years ago my three best friends and I started a Holiday Progressive Party. It gives us a chance to dress in our holiday best and spend some quality time with each other at Christmas. We have...
Road Trip Darts
When I graduated from high school my friends and I wanted to experience a road trip. Our parents had given their blessing to a long weekend if we stayed within the state. My three girlfriends and I were...
Happy Housewarming
When we moved into our house four years ago, my husband’s Aunt Shirley dropped by with a thoughtful housewarming gift. The gift included the following items and explanations...
A Friendly Game of Cards
We have a tradition with a group of friends that began about 10 years ago. Once a month we get together to play cards and we each take turns hosting the "card party". Everyone brings a dish to pass...
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