Cafe Traditions - Holiday traditions, family traditions and more to make life more memorable. Get ideas or submit your own.
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Welcome to Cafe Traditions. Pull up a chair.
Our goal is to serve up inspiration for you to create traditions in your life. We believe traditions are a key to making lasting memories and enriching our souls. So sit back, relax and help yourself to the many fabulous traditions and stories that our site has to offer. Choose one or choose several to introduce into your life, and if you have a tradition to share, please let us know so your story can also inspire others.

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You Have Been Elfed!
A couple weeks before Christmas, all my neighbors play a game called "You Have Been Elfed!" Someone starts by dropping off the rhyme, a picture of an elf on a sheet of paper and treats at two houses without being ...
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The Christmas Pickle
Many years ago I found a strange little pickle ornament at my local Christmas shop. It had a small card attached that gave more information on the odd little ornament. The card explained that the pickle...
Crazy Christmas Socks
Every year since I was a little my Mom has filled a stocking for me and each of my siblings. We get candy canes, small gifts and chocolate, but the most unique gift that we each receive every year...
Giving of Yourself
We exchange traditional Christmas gifts among family members, but we also give a special gift that we call "the Gift of Yourself". The Gift of Yourself tradition is a way for each one of us to give another family...
A Christmas Story in Mom & Dad's Bed
A holiday tradition that we have is that the kids all crawl into bed with us on Christmas morning before they go downstairs to open presents. My husband or I read the Christmas story and...
Setting Up Grandpa's Train
One of my favorite Christmas traditions has always been setting up Grandpa's antique toy train around the Christmas tree at my Grandparents rural farm house. In fact, as far as I'm concerned the Christmas season...
Break-through Christmas Morning Tradition
When I was a kid my parents "wrapped" the doorway to the living room so we would have to break through the wrapping paper to get into the room and see the tree (It's kind of like a high school homecoming game...
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